Sailing Through Beta

Sailing Through Beta

Thanks to all of you who joined our second Closed Beta Event: Setting Sail. This event was three times larger than our first event, and it was great to see everyone on the servers!

With this event, we focused on testing ArcheAge’s integration with Trion Worlds, the tools and processes we’ve created to manage the game, and the all-important gameplay testing. Our anti-botting and anti-spamming tools were tested out and performed generally well. The entire time you were playing, we were adjusting to catch both bots and spammers. At times the tools were a little overzealous, catching some real players as well as the bots. We know that it’s no fun for you to get caught by accident, but these tests really help us find that best balance to catch the largest number of evildoers possible without affecting legitimate players.

Thanks to your help, we also tested refinements to the billing interfaces between Trion’s and XLGAMES’ systems. The good news is that the improved systems handled the increased load very well. Some of you may have noticed there were still a couple instances of seeing a balance of zero credits in the Marketplace under the heaviest load. Folks are working on the next round of improvements there as well.

In addition to all the testing of our tools and integration, we received a lot of great feedback on gameplay and the contents of the Marketplace. It’s important to hit the right balance in having a Marketplace that has fun and fair options. We’re glad so many of you enjoyed it and agree with the direction we’re heading! Expect further updates in the future after our next Beta event.

For gameplay, we are continuing to collect and review your feedback with XLGAMES, especially around all of the different aspects of the Labor System. The concept of labor is intertwined with every other system in the game and great care must be taken when changing parts of it in order to avoid unintended, wide-reaching effects. The feedback from our tests has been really solid and we’re focusing on the best ways to improve the gameplay experience for free players. Some of that relief will arrive when APEX is introduced and we’re now also working with XLGAMES to remove the labor cost for opening quest rewards in a future update as well.

With the continuing success of ArcheAge’s Beta events, we are thrilled to announce the dates for Closed Beta Event 3: Blood & Bounty.

Our third Closed Beta Event will begin at 10:00 AM PDT next Thursday, August 14 and run through Monday, August 18 at 10:00 AM PDT. With this next Beta event, ArcheAge going to get even bigger with over double the number of invites randomly sent to those who signed up on the official ArcheAge website, even more Beta code giveaways on partner websites, and additional servers! Remember, all Founders get into every Closed Beta Event!

See you in Closed Beta Event 3 next week!

The ArcheAge Team

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