To Seoul and Back Again

Hi everyone! In last week’s livestream, we promised you an update this week. We wanted to make sure to live up to our word and give you an idea of where we are and what’s coming up next.


We just returned from Korea and a week of catching up and planning with the ArcheAge team at XLGames!

We think the most important thing that everyone’s waiting to hear is that XLGames’ commitment to a high quality westernization for ArcheAge and its sandbox core came through loud and clear. From our first conversation on, that theme set the tone for all of our meetings and made for a fantastic week.

Both of us feel that it’s vitally important to continue highlighting and improving the sandbox elements that make ArcheAge a unique, standout winner here in the west.

It was also great for us to be able to hear some of the behind the scenes information that led to their decisions around the updates that the Korean version has seen over time. As many folks around the Internet have already noticed there are some updates that’ll be great additions for us in the west, and other elements that are intended to solve specific issues that have arisen on the Korean servers that may not be a perfect fit for us.

That their developers are absolutely committed to continuing to tweak and update for our players became even more important as we started talking about how best to dive in there.

We’ll be starting that analysis with them as we begin looking at the latest version on our own internal servers over the next couple weeks, while at the same time seeing the effect those changes have had on the Korean version of the game.

To give them some more room to make important updates to the western gameplay and business model suitability, they’ve graciously agreed to let our developers pitch in on some of the behind the scenes connections to our platform and take on a little more of the technical localization work. We all agree that’s going to be the best way to get the best game out there for everyone.

In all of our interactions with XL, and getting to meet them in person, I’ve got to say that they are one of the hardest working groups in gaming that I’ve ever seen. We’re proud to be their partner in bringing ArcheAge to you here in the west.


It’s important to us to live up to being the best stewards of the game and community that we possibly can, and we’re happy to say that will be accelerating over the next couple weeks. Look forward to an announcement about your new Community Manager, then soon following that, us being a lot more active, as well as more information here on the site and on the upcoming ArcheAge forums.


As we continue ramping up, we’ll be kicking off by meeting up with the press at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco in March, which will officially begin the drumbeat to beta and beyond.

We’re also really excited to be able to offer some special sneak peeks to long-time fans who might be in town for GDC! If you’ll be here, please drop us a line at communications at We’d love to be able to pick two or three great fans for a visit and a behind the scenes look. It’s nice to be able to demo for press, but talking with real players who are passionate about the game is where the real fun always is. :)


Perhaps one of the best things about ArcheAge is the amount of free-form play that it has. We love hearing stories from our players about what’s made the game so memorable to them. One of our early favorites from the testing feedback so far:

It is perfectly possible to fund your existence in AA by getting a group together, crafting kickass gliders, and ambushing airships mid-flight where there are no guards to protect the traveling merchants.

In laymen’s terms, you can be a sky pirate.


We’re really looking forward to getting closer to beta and being able to hear your stories and discoveries too!

- The Trion ArcheAge Team