ArcheAge Press Demo at GDC 2014

Has it already been a week since we brought ArcheAge to Game Developer Conference 2014? Time flies when you launch the official forums the day after getting back!

Producer Victoria “FireCait” Voss and Community Manager Evan “Scapes” Berman presented an introductory demo of the game to members of the press, showing off ArcheAge’s striking visual beauty, deep sandbox MMO design, and, naturally, the baby lion cub that we grew into our own mount. After a week of demonstrating to media, we were thrilled to bring the show home to our Twitch channel and run through it for the ArcheAge community!

Here’s a few words from‘s two previews based on the press demo: – ArcheAge Previews: How Deep the Rabbit Hole Goes:

“…before long I’d wager we’ll all be playing ArcheAge. We’ll be pirates, farmers, deep sea divers, hang-gliders, warriors, dungeon delvers, table-makers, anything. I know many of you were hoping for dates for beta, maybe launch. But I can only urge you to be a patient for a little bit longer. The time when we can all finally get our hands on the version of AA that was meant for the West is nearly here. It’ll be more than worth the wait.” – ArcheAge Previews: It Only Does Everything™:

“ArcheAge totally stole the show for me at GDC … when the game comes out, you’ll be able to find me running a mercenary guild that will lend its swords to the highest bidder in castle sieges.”

We’ll be bringing ArcheAge to the Trion Worlds livestream with a new demo next Friday, see you then!

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