New Races

Dwarves Warborn

New Races


“Raze foes. Raise cities. Rejoice in stone.”

Hailing from Nuia's snow-capped peaks, the Dwarves lead reclusive lives. They've shown little interest in the outside world, preferring to surround themselves with their wealth, technology, and kin.

The Dwarves are not blind, though. They can see the world changing, and many wonder if the time has come to remind Erenor about Dwarven ingenuity…


“Always, we will rise. Always, it is dawn.”

Hidden in the depths of Haranya's arid wastes, the Warborn vanished from the civilized world long ago. Fearful of their corrupted blood, they serve the Haranyans in exchange for help sealing their terrifying power.

However, among them are those that embrace their identity, believing the time has come to cast off these self-imposed shackles…


Erenor is vast and dangerous place, but don't worry, you don't have to go it alone!

Residency allows you to really make your home a home. Improve the Nuian and Haranyan zones you've built in by working with other residents to complete special quests that will unlock regional bonuses, including unique local resources, specialized merchants, and more.

Meanwhile, our updated Family system will allow you to develop your household in new ways. Level your Family to unlock special bonuses, assign individual members unique roles, and band together to complete special community quests that will improve your Residencies.

Abyssal Power

Tame the power of Orchidna and turn it against Erenor's greatest evils!

Abyssal Power can only be applied to one skill tree at a time, unlocking a specialized resource that allows you to use powerful new skills that will change the way your character plays.

Every skill tree has its own, unique active and passive abilities that can be unlocked with Abyssal Power. Only by mastering these fearsome new skills will the champions of Erenor be able to meet the new challenges that await them.

The Thunderwing Titan Comes

A gargantuan creature has risen above Auroria, colossal body snaking through the sky and wings blocking out the sun. Can the people of Haranya and Nuia put aside their differences and defeat a monster unlike any they have ever faced?

Launch an all-out attack against this monstrous sky serpent, mounting gliders to meet the beast in the air and massing an army to strike from the ground!

This epic confrontation will be made available after Revelation's launch.



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